Monday, July 20, 2015

From John Robertson

The Consumer Price Index moved down in June to 97,985 compared to the Base of 100 for December 2012. As the graph below shows, this was the eighth month in a row that consumer prices fell, and average prices in June were 2,81% lower than they were in June last year and average prices are now lower than they were in February 2012.

The detailed table is attached and it shows that if the June 2015 figures for the 83 listed goods and services are compared with those from a month earlier, the prices of 24 increased, but for 31 items the prices went down and the prices of the remaining 28 remained unchanged.

Comparing the June 2015 figures with those for June 2014, the table shows that 19 items went up in price, but for 58 the prices came down and the balance of six either remained unchanged or returned to the prices charged a year earlier.

While statistics are gathered from all the main urban areas, a high proportion of the records reflect the prices in the retail areas frequented by the bulk of the population in the higher density areas. This might be the main reason why people living in the lower density suburbs will not be able to immediately relate to the claimed price falls shown in the CPI tables.

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