Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Consume rprices June

Average consumer prices dropped further in June, taking the Consumer Price Index down to 97,985 from the May figure of 98,031. Compared to June 2014, the average prices in June 2015 were 2,81% lower.

Comparing the June 2015 prices with those of a month earlier, Food & Non-alcoholic Beverages decreased by 0,45% and smaller decreases were registered for Household maintenance, Household equipment and Health, Recreation and Restaurant & Hotel charges.

Against the figures for June 2014, the biggest falls to June 2015 were for Communications Equipment, which went down by 13,86%, and Education charges, which decreased by 7,09%.over the year, food prices decreased by 3,32% and the few price increases recorded for the main groups were for less than one percent.

The graph below illustrates the recent trend and the basic table is attached. The more detailed table will be sent soon,

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