Tuesday, May 18, 2010

From John Robertson

Zimbabwe's All Items Consumer Price Index increased by 0,12% in April, taking the index from 95,0 to 95,1 against the base of December 2008 = 100. The average increases for food, drink and tobacco products was about 0,9%, but price decreases were seen for some items, mainly vehicles, telephone services, clothing and footwear.

Compared to April 2009, prices rose by an average of 4,75%. Over the year, the largest increases were seen alcoholic beverages & tobacco, at 17,4%, transport at 13,4% and hotels & restaurants at 12,6%, but decreases over the year were seen for clothing & footwear at 9,6% and 7,7% for communications. Average prices and fees also went down for furniture & household products and for recreational equipment.

I hope to complete and send to you the more detailed table tomorrow.

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