Saturday, May 1, 2010

From john Robertson

Several of the changes recorded by the Central Statistical Office in March 2010 seem likely to cause some surprise. Rents are said to have fallen by 16,4%, carpets became 43% cheaper, car prices went down 28% and jewellery and clocks declined by 17,8%. However, rates went up 28,25%, motorcycles went up by 15,3%, fish prices rose 11,6%, vegetable by 9,2% and tobacco products by 7,3%.

The biggest increases over the year to March were a rise of 234,7% rise in the prices of scotch carts, a 66% increase in fuel and lubricant prices, a 45,75% increase in hotel room charges, a rise of 30,9% in dental charges and of 28% in hospital services. Wine prices were also down 28% on the year and cars show up again with a fall of 22,4% for the year.

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