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William Nyemba prepares to re-open Trust Bank

Published: August 3, 2009
As pioneering Zimbabwe born banker William Nyemba prepares to resuscitate Trust Banking Corporation it is important that his path to the POL 5000 Lifetime Award be properly documented. Nyemba played a critical and leading role in the formation of at least 5 Financial institutions including 3 banks – NMB Bank, Trust Bank – Zimbabwe and CAL Merchant Bank – Ghana.
Nyemba’s role in creating a new breed of African Entrepreneurs from a humble back ground is particularly inspiring. As we celebrate the emergence of an inspiring generation of Black African Entrepreneurs who have opened the doors for others Nyemba’s story and path will only serve to encourage others who may dream bigger and beyond what was normally associated with Black African business people.
In recognition of his efforts Nyemba has won several awards which include the following awards ;
1996 –Business Man of the Year by Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce
1998 – Global Leader for Tomorrow by the World Economic Forum.
2002 – Manager of the year by Zimbabwe Institute of Management.
2002 – First Achievers Award by Business Tribune
2003 – Manager of the Decade by Zimbabwe Institution of Management
One of Nyemba’s current major activity is promoting business networking between Zimbabwe and other African countries and in particular West Africa focusing on Ghana and Nigeria. Nyemba has played a leading role in linking up an array of selected Southern Africa based businesses that he has convinced to partner with some West African Investors and expand their business activities into that region.
Recently he led a delegation of five parties from Zimbabwe to Lagos, Nigeria seeking opportunities and partnerships in the areas of Hospitality industries, (hotels), Agriculture(livestock and poultry production), as well as food processing.
In his role as Financial arranger and Advisor he has convinced Nigerian Individual and Institutional Investors to come and take advantage of the opportunities in rebuilding Zimbabwe‘s Economy. Nyemba has played a leading role in encouraging Pan African investment on the continent. This has further enhanced his reputation as a leading light in terms of encouraging entrepreneurship on the African continent, in the process enhancing the African Brand.
Whilst Nyemba is currently CEO of Wilta Advisors (A division of Wilta Investments – A South African financial advisory services and consultancy firm he is finalizing a possible return to resuscitate Trust Bank which was swallowed by ZABG after the Banking crisis of 2003-4. Trust had grown to be the largest local bank by assets in 2003 before being absorbed into ZABG.
Whilst at the helm of Trust Financial Holdings as Nyemba was Team leader in a number of assignments such as:
The privatization and unbundling of – PTC (Zimbabwe’s Post and Telecoms company)
The privatization of The Dairy Marketing Board – Zimbabwe
The privatization of The Zimbabwe Reinsurance Company – Zimbabwe
The IPO, private placements and listings of many corporates – SADC region
Structuring and fund raising for a Five Star Hotel – Zambia
Organizing facilities for displaced Zimbabwean Farmers in – Zambia and Mozambique
As a Point of Light Nyemba has continued to shine in attracting investment into Zimbabwe’s Financial and capital market. These investors mainly include Banks and financial institutions who have shown interest to assist Zimbabwe ailing banks in their recapitalization efforts.
The Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF) – 5,000 Points of Light (POL)” or BOAF-5,000POL Lifetime Achievement Award was in recognition of Nyemba’s contribution to building and enhancing the African Brand.Nyemba has played a leading role in advancing the recognition of the need to allow and assist Africans to develop big businesses which fully exploit the continent’s abundant natural resources.
The responsibility to develop and re-brand Africa can not be sub-contracted to outside observers no matter how well meaning they maybe. It remains a burden for all Africans to be shared. It is an African responsibility. It is imperative that we identify the positive individuals and build upon them and the examples they have set.
Well researched articles will be published tracing Nyemba’s path to The Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF) – 5,000 Points of Light (POL)” or BOAF-5,000POL Lifetime Achievement Award. The awards are meant for African Citizens. People of African heritage or permanent residents whose life-long careers have had a significant impact on society. Individuals who have the potential to be roles model and inspire creativeness, inventiveness, spirit of service, and hope in others also qualify for the award.
Any African can qualify from social to economic entrepreneurship, the ‘BOAF-5000 POL Lifetime Achievement Award’ recognizes outstanding individuals whose pioneering spirit, fame, power, personality, accomplishments, and demonstrated creativeness and inventiveness throughout their careers has improved African society and inspired others in Africa and beyond.
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