Monday, August 3, 2009

KP wants to ban Zimbabwean gem trade for six months; says Harare Herald

Staff, Aug 03 2009

The Kimberly Process, which monitors the trade of conflict diamonds, wants Zimbabwe banned from selling the gems for at least six months, the Herald reported.
An interim report by the KP team had recommended Zimbabwe to stop diamond trade within the KPCS until the country meets minimum standards, the Harare-based paper reported. Among other issues, the group is concerned about the lack of security around the country’s eastern Marange diamond fields, the Herald said.The report was made after a Kimberley Process team had visited the country early this month to investigate the killing of at least 200 illegal miners by the military.The Zimbabwean officials have acknowledged that standards aren’t being met, but it is opposed to the ban, the newspaper said.

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