Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mugabe says Zimbabwe may revive use of own currency

06.26.09, 04:45 AM EDT

HARARE, June 26 (Reuters) - President Robert Mugabe said Zimbabwe may revive the use of its own currency because the U.S. dollar introduced to tame hyperinflation was unavailable to a majority of people.
The local state Herald newspaper on Friday quoted Mugabe as saying his new unity government with rival Morgan Tsvangirai was battling to ease economic hardships, but that Zimbabwe could not have a system where rural people were forced to trade their livestock.

'We cannot have a country like that. We are reviewing this so that we can go back to the use of our own national currency,' he was quoted as telling a meeting of his ZANU-PF party in the local Shona language.
(Reporting by Cris Chinaka)

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