Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I think it's high time you look for a possible solution and take possible measures to deal with the RBZ issue. I suggest that while the Governor is trying his best to defend his personality as well as his job, there is need to talk to him and the nation at large to really understand the importance of economic revival. In this manner I think it was wise to highlight some of the real issues such that the RBZ job is not a political thing. Since the governor was working in favor of one party as he was instructed to do this time there is need to consider national building issues and not one group. Therefore it is clear that the governor does not qualify for the job. This was seen from what he was doing before.

Secondly, the governor cannot easily implement the expected policies for he is bound to revert back to the failed policies before the formation of the inclusive government. Issues that we need to closely watch are that, why do some people feel they are more special than others? The Governor should just accept he has failed. We need to move forward as a nation and not individuals. Truly RBZ job is not a political thing. I believe if we politicize it that's clear abuse of this national office.

Thank you JAG for publishing my letter.

S Magadzire

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