Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New VAT Refund Procedure - Beit Bridge Border Post


New VAT Refund Procedure - Beit Bridge Border Post
Effective 3 June 2011

With effect from 3 June 2011 there will be a new procedure for claiming a VAT refund for movable goods exported through Beit Bridge Border Post.

Qualifying purchases must comply with the following procedures:

The goods against which a VAT refund is claimed must be declared to RSA Customs in accordance with the Customs and Excise Act and relevant procedures.

• The goods must also be declared to the Customs authority in the country to which the goods are exported in accordance with that country's customs and excise formalities.

• After the movable goods have been declared to both customs administrations and exported, only then can the qualifying purchaser apply for a VAT refund.

The following documents must be lodged when making application for a VAT refund:

• The original tax invoice/s for which the VAT refund is claimed.

• Proof that the goods were declared to RSA Customs authorities

• Proof that the goods were declared in the country to which they were exported.

• A copy of the qualifying purchaser's passport reflecting entry and exit from the RSA.

• An address to which the VAT refund payment should be sent once approved.

In the case of claims by a foreign enterprise the following documents must also be lodged:

• The certificate of incorporation, trading licence or similar proof of registration.

• A letter of authorization on the foreign enterprise's letterhead authorizing an individual person to lodge the claim on its behalf.

• A copy of the authorized person's passport.

Refund claims may be posted to:
VAT Refund Administrator (Pvt) Ltd P O Box 107
O R Tambo International Airport, 1627, South Africa,
Physical address: 206/1 High Road, Bredell, Kempton Park 1619
Telephone: +27 873 100 200
Email: info@taxrefund.co.za


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