Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mineral output - from John Robertson

Zimbabwe's mineral production volume and value figures through to August have now been released. The attached table shows the figures recorded by the Chamber of Mines and these illustrate the extent of the improvements seen in gold and coal output. However, progress has been hesitant for many of the minerals and figures for some of them, such as limestone and black granite, have not been recorded as efficiently as they were in the past, even though the minerals are still being produced.

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  1. QUOTE :".......It is good to hear that Zimbabwe is on the road to Economic recovery.
    In five years time Zimbabwe may quadruple it's gold production once it has ironed out the problem of indiscriminate powercuts.
    An adequate and reliable Electricity Supply will boost investor confidence and boost mineral production and have a positive ripple effect on the economy......". UNQUOTE.