Wednesday, October 20, 2010

From John Robertson

The detailed Consumer Price Index table shows that during September the price changes recorded were mostly fractions of one percent and the prices dropped down slightly during the month for about two dozen of the consumer goods identified.

A similar number of goods are also shown to have decreased against their levels a year ago, but some of these decreases are quite significant, led by carpets and floor coverings, which fell by 38,7%. New and used car prices went down by 29,7% and small electrical household appliances became 22% cheaper. However, hotel accommodation increased by 45,9%, motor cycle prices increased by almost 30% and vehicle maintenance charges rose by 21,3%.

Figures for school fees remain absent from the table, but the reason for this has not been explained.. Very few new statistics are being released by the Central Statistical Office at present, but I am hoping to receive indications of manufacturing output changes within the next few weeks. Some mining production volume and value figures will also be ready soon.

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