Thursday, March 18, 2010


Despite all the efforts to point out anomalies, contradictions and faulty logic, the government has become even more determined to go ahead with its indigenisation plans. From our side, in the business sector, or representing businesses, we need to become that much more determined to persuade government that the Act and its accompanying regulations will not only fail to achieve their purpose, but will put the hopes of economic recovery onto a steep downhill slope.

Human Resources (Pvt) Ltd has obtained a commitment from the Minister and the Permanent Secretary to address a follow-up conference on Friday, March 26. A good line-up of lawyers and experienced business speakers have also been asked to address the conference and I hope to make a useful contribution too.

If you can make it to the conference and if you can help the government officials gain a better understanding of the requirements of genuinely helpful indigenisation promotion policies, or even if you want to gain a better understanding of the issues involved, this could be a very important event for you to attend. I have attached a copy of David Harrison’s brochure and if you write next to your name Ref John Robertson, David says he will give you a $10 discount! Please come and take part in this important debate.

From John Robertson

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