Monday, December 7, 2009

inflation figures

Herewith the more comprehensive inflation figures, updated to October. The additional detail shows that the largest rise during October was the 16,1% jump in owners’ rates. This carried the rates index number to 149,67, against the base of December 2008 = 100. However, the largest increase so far this year has been to 244,41 for dental services. Other large increases were to 147,44 for fuels, to 154,29 for telephone equipment and to 136,68 for large household appliances. Of the 64 sub-groups shown in the table, 22 showed price decreases in October and the average All Items Index rose 0,8% to 92. The average price level in 2009 therefore seems likely to be about six percent lower than the average in December 2008.The Budget is due to be presented on Wednesday next week, December 2. I have to advise that I will not be able to send any comments on it until the following week as I will be attending a conference in Cape Town until December 7. However, I will do my best to keep the delay as short as possible.Kindest regards,
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