Thursday, April 9, 2009


The Registrar of Companies has pegged its lodging fees in United States dollars. The fees are ridiculously so high, creating great concern and distress for many who to want buy a Shelf Company or register a company, including those who have companies already, who want to change address or change directors.

The following are the lodging fees for companies

Company Registration (minimum authorized share Capital 10 000) $700

Change or Appointment of Directors CR14 (Lodged within a month) $100
Change of Address- CR6

Name Search -CR21

So registering a company now will cost you between $900-$1 500

Nevertheless, one is well advised that its now very cheaper to maintain a company or shelf company you already have as required by the Act

Sections 125, 385 and 361 of the Companies Act (Chapter 24:03), provides that all companies must lodge an Annual Return. The sections further requires that this return must be lodged every year by not later than the end of the month, which follows upon the month within the anniversary of the date of the company's incorporation occurs. Annual Returns refer to the information that companies must submit to the Registrar of Companies as confirmation that the company is still in business and that the information provided is still valid. If a company fails to lodge its Annual Return, the Registrar of Company will institute deregistration proceedings against the company. So an Annual Return must be submitted by any registered
company. A & J Arthurson has introduced an "Annual Secretarial Fee of $75 ".
For this fee we will

register ourselves as the Secretary of your company. We will keep and maintain the Company's Register, carry out any Secretarial work pertaining to the Companies Act required during that year (In the appropriate
form and where relevant with appropriate fee) in a timely manner

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