Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bank Clients Cry Foul

The Herald
Published by the government of Zimbabwe
30 December 2008
Bulawayo - MOST banks in Bulawayo have run out of smaller denominations, a development that has seen some account holders failing to withdraw money as they are being asked to bring change.Clients intending to withdraw ammounts below $10 billion were yesterday advised to bring change as most banks only had $5 billion and $10 billion notes.This has sparked an outcry from most account holders who feel the move is an inconvenience. Some were even told to form groups of 10 so that they would be given $5 billion which they would share out among themselves."We were told by the teller that they do not have smaller denominations so he advised us to get into a group of 10 and they would give us $5 billion and we would change the money elsewhere. However, up to now we have been struggling to get that change. If the bank does not have it, where else can we get it?" said Mr Nkosilathi Dube, a client.Other account holders left the banking halls empty-handed, as change was not available."This is ridiculous. I only want to withdraw $500 million and I'm told to bring change of $9,5 billion so that they can give me a $10 billion note, which I will also struggle to change," said another account holder.The introduction of higher denominations has seen smaller denominations disappearing, forcing businesses to register losses as they fail to get change. Some people have also been failing to purchase goods from shops as they are told that there was no change. -- Bulawayo Bureau.

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