Monday, November 17, 2008

Zimbabwe Reserve Bank to People: "Financial Crisis Is Your Fault"?

We have heard this from him on and off for the last few months - nothing is ever his fault - just ours!- OL Comment

Zimbabwe Reserve Bank to People: "Financial Crisis Is Your Fault"?
by AlvarezGalloso November 16, 2008 at 01:49 pm 87 views 6 comments 37 recommendations
by reno_fog
According to the ticker from FOX News, The Governor of the Reserve Bank Of Zimbabwe Gideon Gono blamed the people of Zimbabwe for the present economic mess. Mr. Gono also challenged the people of Zimbabwe to participate in the economic reconstruction of Zimbabwe.
While this is coming from the ticker of FOX News, the underwriter is attempting to check as to the veracity of this report. He is also inviting others to contribute to this story if it indeed has ocurred.
If FOX News is right about this news segment, it would be the equivalent of Marie Antoinette telling the French People [who lcaked food at the time of the beginning of the French Revolution] to "eat cake".
It would also be the equivalent of when Elena Ceaucescu [wife of Romanian Dictator Nicolae Ceaucescu] told the same thing to the Romanian People in 1989.

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